About Us

Peregrine Partnership is a climate focused AI consultancy

We pledge to provide professional practical solutions to our clients that empowers them to be more effective in the world

Our Story

Peregrine Partnership was founded based on the belief in a positive outlook for the future of humanity in the face of climate change. While much of the discourse around the topic can be negative and filled with dread, the founders of Synaton believe that hope is key. 

We provide AI-related services to companies within the climate sector with a focus on building resilience and adaptation. Our mission is to help companies navigate the challenges of climate change while remaining optimistic about the future. By using AI to develop innovative solutions, we aim to make a valuable contribution to the fight against climate change. 

Peregrine Partnership was funded by Arik Shimansky, a seasoned professional with experience in tech, finance, banking and climate. 

For more information visit the LinkedIn profile: https://www.linkedin.com/in/arik-shimansky/

Our Pledge

At Peregrine Partnership, we pledge to provide state-of-the-art artificial intelligence tools and technologies to empower our clients with efficient and effective solutions. We believe that AI can make a significant impact in addressing climate challenges.

Our vision is to provide AI solutions that are ethical, transparent, and secure. We will work tirelessly to provide tools that promote fairness, unbiased decision-making, and the protection of privacy. We will ensure that our AI systems are transparent, and understandable to users, enabling them to trust and have confidence in our solutions.

We pledge to be at the forefront of innovation, addressing the most complex problems and providing solutions that bring value to our clients. We will uphold the highest standards of professionalism and integrity, and always strive to provide the most exceptional customer service experience. Our goal is to be the AI service provider of choice for individuals and businesses across the globe.