About Us

Peregrine Partnership is an AI consultancy and advisory

We pledge to provide professional practical solutions to our clients that empowers them to be more effective in the world

We Power Business with
Innovative AI Solutions

Peregrine Partnership is a technology and strategy advisory firm specializing in AI providing cutting edge AI solutions and strategic guidance for small and medium-sized enterprises.

Our core mission is to enhance resilience and adaptability in a rapidly evolving technological landscape, helping businesses to thrive with optimism about the future. We work with out clients to leverage artificial intelligence to ensure they stay relevant. 

Founded by Arik Shimansky, a seasoned professional in technology, finance, banking, and environmental sectors, Peregrine Partnership is powered by a team of dedicated specialists committed to delivering exceptional value to our clients.

For additional information about Arik Shimansky, please visit his LinkedIn profile: Arik Shimansky LinkedIn.

Our Pledge

At Peregrine Partnership, we promise to deliver cutting-edge AI solutions and technologies to enhance our clients’ efficiency and effectiveness. We also recognise AI’s potential to tackle climate challenges.

Our goal is to offer AI solutions that are ethical, transparent, and secure. We are committed to creating tools that support fair and unbiased decisions and protect privacy. Our AI systems will be clear and easy to understand, building trust and confidence.

We aim to lead in innovation, solving complex problems and delivering valuable solutions. We will maintain the highest standards of professionalism and integrity, ensuring outstanding customer service. Our objective is to become a preferred AI service provider worldwide.