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We help companies implement AI driven solutions that reduce costs and improve performance

AI based Chatbots & Automation

We help companies improve engagement and efficiencies by building cutting edge AI based practical tools. These include chatbots that range from simple helpers to sophisticated marketing tools and automation tools that simplify processes and reduce errors. We also provide AI advisory services to future prof your business

You don't have to be large company to have a chatbot!

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AI Chatbots Increase Engagement

Clients are getting used to interacting with information using chats. Given how busy everyone is, having a friendly knowledgable chatbot is not longer a luxury

They Are Quick to Deploy

With current technology it is has become simpler than ever to create an AI driven chatbot that will provide relevant and important information to your clients. This can be done in a few days

You Can Select How Complex It Is

AI Chatbots can provide simple customer information, help gather marketing information, or play a deeper role helping with customer service, training, and other activities. You can choose how you want to implement it

Our Solutions


We work with our clients to create customisable, intelligent chatbots designed for them. Benefits include  streamlining client interactions, providing instant information, and capturing marketing data.

AI Automation

Automating routine, sometimes error prone, tasks, contributes to  optimising data analysis, report generation, and operational efficiencies. We help companies automate routine process reducing errors and increasing speed and efficiency. 

About Us

Peregrine Partnership combines deep business and technical experience that aims to bring the benefits of AI to medium and small businesses. We work closely with clients, building strong relationships to help them achieve their goals.

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AI & Business

Our team combines deep knowledge in AI and business to provide relevant practical solutions


Each client has unique needs. Our solutions are customized to fit your specific requirements.


At the Peregrine Partnership, we pledge to promote climate endurance towards building a hopeful future.

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